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Friday, September 30, 2011


1 ) Aliens
Aliens are the most famous unidentified creatures in the world. These visitors from another world have created a mass hysteria in the media, which started decades ago and doesn’t seem to be stopping soon. Stories, pictures, and material proof, the internet is loaded with them: just type ‘alien’ on your keyboard and you won’t be able to decide where to look first! Despite all these huge efforts to demonstrate their existence, alien stories remain just a modern myth, for now.

2 ) Loch Ness monster
The Loch Ness monster is a sea serpent which was present since centuries in the legends of locals. It only gained celebrity in 1934, after being photographed by Dr. Kenneth Wilson, a London physician. From that moment, Nessie became subject to many hypotheses, stories and jokes. If real, this creature may be a plesiosaur, a carnivorous aquatic reptile which should have disappeared 65 million years ago. A curious fact is that even though we have so many pictures of Nessie , none is showing the animal clearly. Reality or fiction, the unquestionable truth is that this legend made Loch Ness a very popular tourist attraction.

3 ) The Chupacabra
This is a legendary animal believed to be living in a large area of the South America and USA. Its name means ‘the goat sucker’ and it is related to the beast’s rude custom of eating livestock .This modern monster was firstly reported in 1995 and since then, many others claimed to have encountered it. Recent pictures of a killed animal identified at first with the Chupacabra circulated all over the media last year. Unfortunately, scientists demonstrated that the animal was actually a coyote with internal parasites that caused it to lose all the fur.  They further stated that these sick coyotes may have given birth to the chupacabra legend in the first place.

4 ) Bigfoot/Yeti/Sasquash
This large ape-like cryptid is named differently according to the regions where it was apparently seen.  Even though most scientists deny the existence of such a creature, there are some who tried to find proof of it being out here. They claim that Bigfoot might belong to the family of the Gigantophitecus, the largest apes that ever existed. This species is believed to have disappeared 300.000 years ago.  They were so far unable to provide any proof regarding their theories.

5 ) The Montauk Monster
The Montauk monster is a less familiar creature. It entered the public attention in July 2008 when it was found dead on a shore in Montauk, New York.  Its photography appeared in the media all over the world and it became subject to many controversial theories. Meanwhile, the body of the creature disappeared in mysterious conditions and therefore it was impossible for scientists to examine it.  This enigma is still waiting to be solved.

6 )The Monthman
The Mothman was reported in Point Pleasant, West Virginiaa, several times between 1966 and 1967, by locals. Each time, eyewitnesses described a humanoid creature with big wings and red eyes. Sometimes, the creature was portrayed as having no head at all, but with the red eyes being placed in the chest. In 1967, the Mothman appeared on the Silver Bridge which collapsed soon after, killing 46 people. This tragic event is believed to have been prophesized by the strange being, which was never seen in Point Pleasant afterwards.

7 ) Trunko
Trunko’s story started back in 1924 in Margate, South Africa. This large aquatic creature which resembled a huge polar bear was seen battling two whales and it was afterwards washed up on the shore. Eyewitness claimed that the animal had white fur and no head, reason for which it was nick-named ‘Trunko’. The strange beast measured 14 meters in length. No investigations were conducted and hence, the story was forgotten for many decades, until 2010 when a photo of Trunko was discovered. It became clear for the specialists that Trunko was nothing more than what was left of a whale, whose skull had been dragged into the water.

8 )Yowie
Yowie is a bipedal ape that is claimed to live in the Australian Wilderness. It is similar in appearance to American Bigfoot and the Himalayan Yeti, but it is believed to have roots in the local folklore of Australian Aboriginals.  It is described as being of the size of an ordinary human, with long white hair, very long arms and small eyes. First encounters with this animal were reported in the 19th century and they continued to this day. No proof of their existence was ever offered though.

9 ) Tsuchinoko
Tsuchinoko is a legendary Japanese creature that looks like a small snake of 30 to 80 cm, with a girth which is much wider than its tail and its head. It seems to be poisonous and to be able to jump 1 meter in the air.  It is said also to enjoy drinking alcohol.Scholars considered that eyewitnesses mistakenly took other animals as tsuchinokos and no scientific record of this reptile was made so far.

10 ) The Buru
The buru seems to be a crocodile –like creature which apparently lived in Jiro Valley, India. This aquatic monster was supposed to have smooth skin though, and a blue and white color. Also, it was described as having a long snout and to measure 3 meters. The story of the Buru reached Europe in 1947 only, but  was a daily apparition for the locals who were terrorized by the strange cryptid. If these huge monsters ever existed, they surely died after being hunted by the people of Jiro Valley decades ago.

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