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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Myanmar Rohingya Killed & Attacked - Photos

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Statistic Untill 23/Julai/2012- 

1,000 - 2,000 Rohingyas were killed, 1,000-3,000 injured, 10, 000 lost and more than 60 women raped (in Maungdaw) by Rakhine and local autority and 30 villages burnt including five Masjeed in Maungdaw, Northern Arakan of Burma.

8th June 2012
After Friday congregation, at about 2 pm. while a group of Muslims were trying to join a payer at Kayandan Islamic propagation centre (Tabligh Centre) for those 10 Muslims who were murdered by Rakhine extremists at Taunggup on 3 June 2011, the security forces tried to stop them and then started firing at the crowd killing at least two people and injuring many others.
At 2:30 p.m. two young Rohingyas who were returning home after Friday prayer from Maungdaw Central Mosque were seriously beaten by police. One of them whose hand was broken was released after sometime while the other who received head injury was still in police custody. His condition is still unknown.
(the dead body of Rohingya)

9 June 2012:

Armed security forces with Rakhine extremist equipped with lethal arms were roaming Maungdaw towns and surrounding villages. This morning 4 Rohingyas were carried away from Fayazi village of Maungdaw. Their whereabouts is known.
According to a report, “Nasaka security forces and police are the killers. The Rakhine extremists joined them and reining hell on Rohingya. Because of the curfew no one dares to go out, and at the absence of witness Rakhine extremists set fire on houses, village after village. If anyone comes out from the fire, he/she gets a bullet or two or more. No witness, no proof. Natala villagers and Rakhine extremists have been supplied guns as well, but no one may prove it. In the mean time, racist monks are busy with media supplying fabricated news. These tragic events have been well planned in advance.”
At midnight (8/6/12) the Hlun Htein forces from Ngakura village accompanied by the extremists from the Rakhine village of San Oo Rwa (Hatipra) attacked the Rohingya villagers of the same village killing one person injuring 3 others. The dead body was carried away by the killers.
Last night groups of armed forces with Buddhist Rakhine extremists went to the Rohingya villages. They opened fire to the Muslim houses. When the inmates left their homes the Rakhine extremists set on fire. Many houses in several villagers have been reported burnt into ashes. Many people were killed and several others injured. The villages of Hatalia, Sommonia, Razarbil, Kayandan and San Oo are among those which were attacked.
Since yesterday the Buddhist monks and Rakhine extremists escorted by security forces were announcing ‘War on Kalas, (war on Rohingyas) along the street of Maungdaw. This message was spread like a wild fire all over Maungdaw and Buthidaung townships.
Many security forces dressed in civil clothes but with arms are firing the Rohingyas.
An estimated 100 Rohingyas were killed. As dead bodies were not handed over to the relatives or villagers. Exact number of death could not be confirmed. Some estimate that the number of death could exceed 200 Rohingyas.
Hundreds of injured Rohingyas are lack of treatment. Thousands of people were deprived of food and water as Police, military, and Hlon Htin block them.

TEKNAF, Bangladesh  – Taking perilous boat journeys to escape killing and persecution in their home country, ethnic-Bengali Muslims, known as Rohingyas, are recounting horrors in Burma.
"My father was shot dead by the Burmese military in front me,” Zohara Khatun, a Rohingya Muslim who fled Burma to Bangladesh, told the BBC News Online.
“Our entire village was destroyed. We ran for our lives.”
The 30-year-old is one of hundreds of Rohingya Muslims, who fled deadly sectarian violence in the western Burmese state of Rakhine to Bangladesh.

She says that her village was attacked by Buddhists during a recent bout of sectarian violence in Rakhine last month.
“I still don't know what happened to my mother.”
Sectarian violence plagued the western Rakhine state last month after the killing of 10 Muslims in an attack by Buddhist vigilantes on their bus.

The attack followed the rape and murder of a woman in the state, which borders Bangladesh, with Buddhists blaming Muslims for that.
Thousands of homes have been burnt in the violence, forcing tens of thousands of people to escape for their lives. There were reports of extrajudicial killings of Muslims.
The official death toll of the rioting and its aftermath has been put at 78, although the real figure may be much higher.

"My husband was killed in the riots,” recalled Sayeda Begum, a Rohingya Muslim woman.
“The Burmese police were shooting only at the Muslims, not the Buddhists. The military was just watching from the rooftop and they did not intervene.”
Amnesty International said Friday that Rohingya Muslims are increasingly being hit with targeted attacks that have included killings, rape and physical abuse.

Described by the UN as one of the world's most persecuted minorities, Myanmar’s ethnic-Bengali Muslims, generally known as the Rohingyas, are facing a catalogue of discrimination in their homeland.
They have been denied citizenship rights since an amendment to the citizenship laws in 1982 and are treated as illegal immigrants in their own home.
Myanmar’s government as well as the Buddhist majority refuse to recognize the term "Rohingya", referring to them as "Bengalis".

Many Rohingya Muslims find no option but to take risky journeys by sea to neighboring Bangladesh to flee persecution in their homeland.
"We were floating on water for six days. I could not feed my children for days," Khatun recalled.
"When we tried to reach Bangladesh, we were not allowed to enter. We did not know where to go."
Bangladeshi authorities have pushed back nearly 1,500 Rohingya Muslims back into Burma since June, saying it cannot afford to help them.

"It is really putting a direct effect on our social stability as well as the economy. If this influx continues then the problem of stability will be at stake," Lt Col Zahid Hasan of the Bangladeshi border guards said.
Human rights groups have piled up pressures on Dhaka to allow in Rohingya Muslim refugees into the country.

"We understand it is not that easy. So we advocate with the government of Bangladesh to give at least temporary protection status to those arriving from Rakhine state of Myanmar [Burma]," said Dirk Hebecker, a senior official from the UN Refugee Agency in the Bangladeshi town of Cox's Bazaar.
There are an estimated 400,000 Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh.

Dhaka has repeatedly called for Burma to take back Rohingya Muslim refugees, but without much success.
Earlier this month, Burmese President Thein Sein said that Rohingyas should be settled in a third country.
"We are concerned by the president's comments,” said Ahmed Hossain, a Rohingya community leader in Kutupalong camp, near Cox's Bazaar.

“We belong to Burma and we want to go back to our villages. It is difficult to live in refugee camps like this.
"We are willing to go back to Burma only if our security and rights are guaranteed."
kredit - onislam
Umat Islam Rohingya tidak kira tua muda, lelaki, perempuan, kanak-kanak dibiarkan diseksa terlebih dahulu sebelum dibunuh dan mati terseksa, wanita dirogol, rumah dibakar dan yang hidup berkemungkin akan mati kebuluran lantaran sumber makanan disekat pihat berkuasa/kerajaan sendiri.

Video eksklusif serangan puak Rakhine di Myanmar

Puak Rakhine Buddha pulang selepas membakar rumah umat Islam Rohingya

 Monks involved in attack in Sittway....but Muslims are considered as Terrorists if they protect their own houses and property.
 In above photo, left side, it is a mosque in Sittway. This area is where more than 800 Muslim (including Rakhine Muslim and Caman Muslims') houses are situated. Why the Muslims are not there if they are Terrorists?
The Muslims are fleeing into safe places for their personal security.

Aung Migalar Quarter, Sittway
(13th June 2012)

A Muslim house in Sittway downtown was destroyed by Rakhine nationalists, photo below

 The mosque of Yee Ngwe Su Quarter

The man in the photo was brutally killed in Sittway down town

The photo below was taken on 14th June

The link of above photo:

RUSUHAN BULAN JUN 2012 ( sumber:)



Ummah Yang Dilupakan…..

credit to :

rohingya 1 dihina Thailand1 Ummah yang dilupakan.....
Pelarian Rohingya yang dilayan seperti hamba di Thailand

Sekiranya kita melakukan tinjauan di kalangan umat islam hari ini dan bertanya mengenai umat Islam yang tertindas, nescaya kita akan mendapat jawapan Palestin, Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya dan sebagainya. Namun tidak ramai di kalangan kita yang menginsafi terhadap permasalahan umat Islam Rohingya.
Selama beberapa dekad, orang-orang Rohingya telah menjadi mangsa pelanggaran hak asasi manusia yang sistematik dan meluas di tangan junta tentera Myanmar (Burma).
Dalam satu laporan terbaru yang dikeluarkan oleh Pusat Hak Asasi Manusia Ireland (ICHR), seorang pakar undang-undang hak asasi manusia antarabangsa mendakwa bahawa kekejaman massa yang dilakukan oleh kerajaan junta tentera terhadap minoriti Rohingya yang tinggal di daerah Barat Myammar mungkin merupakan antara jenayah terhebat terhadap kemanusiaan di abad ini.
Permasalahan mereka telah telah diabaikan selama bertahun-tahun dan tiada sebarang tindakan yang sistematik telah dilakukan untuk membantu mereka meneruskan kehidupan sebagai masyarakat manusia yang normal.

Siapakah umat Islam Rohingya?
Rohingya refugees map 1 238x300 Ummah yang dilupakan.....
Umat ​​Islam Rohingya kebanyakannya tinggal di sebelah barat Burma (kini Myanmar) di Negeri Arakan yang bersempadan dengan Bangladesh. Mereka adalah keturunan daripada para pedagang Arab, Parsi, Turki dan lain-lain yang berkahwin dengan penduduk setempat seperti Mughals, Pathan, dan Bengali. Penyebaran Islam di Arakan (dan di sepanjang kawasan pantai selatan Bangladesh) dilakukan oleh para pedagang dan pendakwah dari Asia Barat ini.

Mereka terus menetap di kawasan ini untuk tempoh yang panjang, berkahwin dengan penduduk setempat dan hidup sebati dengan budaya tempatan. Kini, umat Islam Rohingya merupakan 1/3 daripada jumlah penduduk wilayah Arakan, Myanmar dan selebihnya adalah penganut Buddha Arakanese.

Apakah nasib mereka?
Umat Islam Rohingya telah dinafikan daripada hak-hak asasi kemanusiaan dan sentiasa terdedah kepada pencabulan hak asasi manusia secara konsisten oleh pihak juta tentera Myanmar.

Rohingya refugee1 Ummah yang dilupakan.....

Di antara kekejaman yang dilakukan ke atas mereka :
a)      Tidak mengiktiraf kerakyatan mereka, dinafikan sijil kelahiran mahupun sijil perkahwinan mereka.
b)     Perampasan tanah-tanah milik mereka bagi meneruskan projek pembinaan saluran paip gas dan minyak yang merentasi wilayan Arakan
c)      Menjadi mangsa perhambaan moden sebagai buruh paksa seperti bekerja tanpa gaji di tapak pembinaan jalan raya, kereta api, dan bangunan berek tentera.
d)     Sekatan makanan sehingga mereka hidup di dalam keadaan kebuluran
anak anak rohingya Ummah yang dilupakan.....
Anak-anak Rohingya menagih simpati dunia antarabangsa
e)      Sekatan ekonomi, kemudahan kesihatan dan kemudahan asas pendidikan
f)       Wanita-wanita dan remaja perempuan mereka dirogol secara beramai-ramai oleh tentera Myanmar
g)      Penyembelihan secara beramai-ramai seumpama tragedi 1942 apabila lebih 100,000 orang di kalangan mereka yang telah dibunuh.
h)     Pada tahun 1978, seramai 300,000 di kalangan mereka telah dihalau keluar secara massa ke Bangladesh. Kerajaan Bangladesh enggan untuk menyediakan bekalan makanan dan keperluan lain sehingga ramai di kalangan mereka mati kebuluran dan akibat penyakit.
Pada tahun 1991, tentera Burma sekali lagi telah melakukan operasi pembersihan apabila 268,000 ribu di kalangan mereka terpaksa melarikan diri kerana Myanmar ternyata tidak lagi selamat untuk mereka
Selepas bertahun-tahun melalui siri penderitaan yang panjang dan besar, mereka mula mengambil bot-bot kecil ke laut terbuka dengan harapan untuk mendarat di suatu tempat sebagai pelarian politik, ekonomi dan agama.
Ada di kalangan mereka yang mendarat di Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia dan sebahagiannya di Australia. Namun kebanyakan mereka telah ditolak mentah-mentah oleh semua negara ini.
Boat people1 300x225 Ummah yang dilupakan.....
Diheret ke tengah lautan dalam dan dibiarkan di dalam kapal yang telah dicabut enjinnya

Bahkan ramai di kalangan ‘orang bot’ yang mendarat di Thailand telah dihalau semula ke laut dalam bersama sampan mereka yang telah dicabut enjinnya agar mereka terus hanyut terkapai-kapai tanpa hala tuju. Sebahagian daripada mereka terdampar di Malaysia, Indonesia dan Australia tetapi ribuan di kalangan mereka yang telah mati lemas atau kebuluran di tengah laut.
Tiada siapa yang mahukan mereka ! Bahkan negara-negara yang mendakwa mewakili umat Islam juga tidak mahu mereka, sekali gus membuktikan bahawa seolah-olah umat ini ‘tidak ada harga’ kepada mereka.

pelarian rohingya di acheh Ummah yang dilupakan.....
Pelarian Rohingya di Acheh

Umat Islam Rohingya telah memohon diberikan status ‘Pelarian Sementara  Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu (PBB), sehingga negara-negara lain bersetuju untuk mengambil mereka buat sementara. Indonesia dikatakan akan mempertimbangkan permohonan mereka untuk tinggal di Acheh buat sementara.

Kalau bukan kita, siapa lagi ?
ummah yang dilupakan foto Ummah yang dilupakan.....
Kenapakah kami dilupakan ?

Isu Rohingya adalah isu umat Islam sejagat. Mereka telah ditindas buat sekian lamanya dan kini sebahagian daripada mereka telah pun mendarat di Malaysia bagi mendapatkan perlindungan dan bantuan kemanusiaan daripada saudara seaqidah mereka.
Ingatlah, bahawa mengambil tahu dan mempunyai kepedulian terhadap orang lain terutamanya saudara seaqidah adalah sesuatu yang sangat dituntut oleh agama Islam yang luhur ini sebagaimana sabdaan Rasulullah saw yang bermaksud,
“Barangsiapa tidak mengambil berat tentang urusan umat Islam, maka bukanlah mereka daripada kalangannya”
Beberapa saranan :
  1. Kerajaan Malaysia seharusnya mengambil inisiatif untuk menjuarai isu umat Islam Rohingya samada di peringkat antarabangsa dengan menyuarakan permasalahan kronik ini di persidangan OIC, PBB, WHO, ASEAN dan sebagainya.
  2. Badan-badan kerajaan di peringkat nasional dan negeri seharusnya mengambil tanggung-jawab kerana semakin ramai di kalangan umat Islam Rohingya yang telah mendarat bagi mendapatkan perlindungan di Malaysia. Mereka adalah pendatang yang jauh lebih baik untuk dibantu jika dibandingkan daripada kebanyakan pendatang Afrika yang kerap melakukan kekacauan di sana sini terhadap masyarakat temnpatan mahupun sebahagian daripada pelancung dari beberapa Negara yang terlibat dengan aktiviti pelacuran.
  3. NGO dan badan kebajikan yang ada di Malaysia harus mengambil bahagian bagi meringankan bebanan yang dihadapi oleh pelarian Rohingya yang sangat memerlukan bantuan di sudut sosial, ekonomi, kesihatan, pendidikan terutamanya di kalangan anak-anak mereka.
  4. Kalau rakyat Malaysia begitu perihatin dan pelbagai NGO telah ditubuh bagi menangani masalah umat antarabangsa seperti Palestin dan lain-lainnya, kenapa kita kita mengagihkan sedikit tenaga dan bantuan kepada saudara seaqidah yang kini terdampar di negara kita sendiri.
  5. Orang ramai di Malaysia seharusnya mengambil peluang menunjukkan keperihatinan terhadap isu kemanusiaan yang kronik ini dengan membantu meringankan bebanan kehidupan demi masa depan mereka.
  6. Kita juga boleh membantu dengan mendoakan keselamatan dan masa depan mereka serta mengambil tahu perkembangan semasa terhadap keperitan umat yang berpanjangan ini.
nasib baik Ummah yang dilupakan.....
Keceriaan mereka, kegembiraan kita....

Dari Nu’man bin Basyir r.a., katanya Rasulullah saw. bersabda:
Perumpamaan orang-orang mukmin dalam hal saling mencinta, saling mengasihi dan saling menyayang, bagaikan sebuah tubuh. Apabila salah satu anggota tubuh merasa sakit, maka seluruh tubuh merasa sakit, tidak dapat tidur dan terasa demam.”
Hadith riwayat Muslim
Jom, peduli ummah…..

Perbuatan ini lebih hina dari syaitan!!! If u want to know what happening on Rohingya n myanmar muslims,pls watch this Video and share....
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How Rohingya Killed by Rakhine - Video

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LET'S PRAY FOR THEM. The reason why this tragedy happen because of RELIGION & CULTURE factor. 









update : 10 Julai 2013
The Myanmar government banned Time magazine issue because of its cover story, which is about extremist Buddhist monk U Wirathu accused of promoting violence against Muslims in the country


  1. sedar ke tak wahai semua umat islam n semua rakyat malaysia...ngeri.sape yang bersalah.kenapa kerajaan myammar tidak bertindak?mana perdana menteri myammar?YA ALLLAH ko berilah perlindungan kepada semua rakyat rohingya beragama islam dan semua umat islam di dunia...dulu di syria sekarang myammar...YA ALLAHHH

    1. apabila terjadinya diskriminasi agama dan wujudnya extremis di dalam penganut agama Rakhine di sana dengan dipengaruhi kuat oleh sami yang anti-Islam, sebab tu mereka menjadi "begitu bodoh" dan "gilakan" dahagakan darah membunuh sesiapa saya mereka ini penduduk Rohingya yang tidak berdosa...

  2. Stupid website with wrong photos and full with lies. That's why nobody trust muslims.

    1. just prove to me which photos are lies?
      Most photos I got in this entry I got from primary source...
      For what ever reason, there are no reason that let this Rohingya to be killed & tortured brutally like that..
      So, I create this entry to let this WORLD can witness this cruel massacre among Rohingya Muslim...

      And YOU ARE THE MOST STUPID when Just let them to be killed...